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Snowflake is available on Microsoft Azure in the UK



snowflakeA data cloud company announced the general availability of Snowflake on Microsoft Azure in the UK, driven by high demand for on-premises data residency from UK private and public sector customers.

Snowflake enables institutions across multiple industries to deploy data and analytics workloads to meet their critical business needs. With true multi-cloud availability across the three major public clouds, organizations can deploy Snowflake’s unique data capabilities across the cloud service provider of their choice, along with region-to-region and cross-cloud data replication for workloads. Multi-cloud deployments support a company’s ability to manage the need for operational resiliency to meet changing regulations.

Snowflake is supporting data localization for local organizations, including those in a wide range of industries, including financial services and the public sector. For such organizations, a UK-based data cloud can facilitate compliance with laws and regulations related to the handling of sensitive customer data. This new deployment will enable businesses using Snowflake to keep their data in the UK while taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Julien Alteirac, Regional Vice President UK&I at Snowflake, said: “This Microsoft Azure deployment further underscores Snowflake’s commitment to helping UK businesses take full advantage of cloud technology while enjoying data residency.

“Snowflake customers in the UK can keep their data in the country while benefiting from the flexibility of multi-cloud to drive innovation and adaptability in their organisations. This deployment further demonstrates our continued commitment to UK data innovators.”

Orla McGrath, Head of Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft UK, said: “This launch further demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ most stringent requirements and working hand-in-hand with our key partners.

“By ensuring the availability of Snowflake Data Cloud in our UK data centers, customers and partners across industries can be better prepared to meet on-premises data residency requirements, while leveraging the tools they need to accelerate their own data and AI strategies .”

Customers using Snowflake’s data cloud can discover and securely share data and perform a variety of analytics workloads. The platform is a powerful cloud-native business intelligence capability, including applications, network security, collaboration, data warehouse, data lake, data engineering, data science and ML, and unistore. Snowflake uses an innovative per-second pricing model that gives customers access to virtually unlimited capacity while paying only for the resources they consume.

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