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Renewable energy deal aims to make Google’s UK operations 90% carbon-free by 2025



Google UK claims that thanks to a new offshore wind deal with ENGIE – 100 MW of carbon – it will run on 90% or close to 90% carbon-free energy (CFE) per hour by 2025, high 67% of the projected free energy comes from the Moray West offshore wind farm in Scotland.

The milestone brings Google closer to its overall goal of operating on carbon-free energy across its UK offices and cloud regions by 2030. By making this possible, every Gmail sent, every search query asked, and every YouTube video watched will be powered by cloud regions that run on carbon-free energy every hour of every day.

This Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will make the UK one of our cleanest cloud regions, not just in Europe, but in the world. This is especially timely given the rapid expansion in computing as more and more UK businesses look to digitally transform their operations with Google Cloud.

Google’s PPA with ENGIE will make the UK one of six Google Cloud regions – including Finland, Iowa, Montreal, Spain and Toronto – operating at or near 90% CFEby the hour, when the PPA goes live in 2025.

Carbon-free energy deals like these are crucial to the growth of the UK’s renewable energy sector: these investments add more renewable energy to the grid by funding the construction of new sites. These transactions increase the country’s renewable energy resources, support long-term energy security goals, and help secure financing for the majority of upfront costs.These support transactions such as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak“Commitment to making the UK a clean energy superpower” and delivering on Scotland’s ambition to be a key location for offshore wind innovation, research and development.

Matt Brittin, president of Google EMEA, said: “People in the UK and Europe are increasingly worried about climate change and energy security. emissions and can help others reduce their emissions.

This new investment in UK renewable energy brings us one step closer to our goal of operating entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030, meaning we will use 90 per cent or close to 90 per cent carbon-free energy in the UK by 2025 year. “

Paulo ALMIRANTE, ENGIE’s Senior Executive Vice President for Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Nuclear Activities, said: “We are delighted to support Google in its goal of being carbon-free. As a key player in the PPA, ENGIE has designed an innovative Green Enterprise PPA, thanks to the strong development of Ocean Winds, as we have done for onshore renewable energy projects. The contract demonstrates the strength of the Group’s renewable energy portfolio, with 37 GW of renewable assets, This is a key advantage for our customers in their decarbonization strategies.”

The milestone is the latest step in Google’s goal to fully decarbonize by 2030.the company’s climate action strategy Focus on three key areas: First, making Google’s operations more sustainable, including through innovations in energy procurement technologies such as Google Cloud and ENGIE’s An artificial intelligence project to optimize wind energy use.Second, support other organizations and cities to decarbonize – such as Google’s recent partnership with C40 city and London Mayor Sadiq Khan to launch the first 24/7 urban carbon-free energy pilot.

Third, empower consumers to make more sustainable choices.we launched fuel-efficient route, allowing people to choose routes optimized for lower fuel consumption.Earlier this month, Google also launched an energy Search information function Helping people quickly find authoritative information on energy savings and local support across Europe.

The PPA is the latest in a series of long-term investments by Google in the UK.In January of this year, we announced the purchase of the Central St Giles, and announced plans to expand our business in the UK.In July, we marked Capped Our new site in Kings Cross.

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