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Microsoft buys stake in LSE Group in reverse digital transformation deal



Microsoft announced a 10-year strategic partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) to put the financial markets provider’s infrastructure and data analytics on the Microsoft cloud, acquiring 4% of the group’s shares in the process. shares.

Seasoned observers of the cloud industry will understand how these strategic partnerships play out. Customers join in for an undisclosed amount, the right voice is raised around improving customer and end-user experience and productivity, and vendors take a seat on board. However, this is different. Microsoft has agreed to buy about 4% of LSEG by acquiring a stake from the Blackstone/Thomson Reuters consortium.

Microsoft points out With LSEG’s acquisition of data services provider Refinitiv, Completion early 2021, the company has an impressive technology stack in both infrastructure and data. Microsoft noted that LSE Group “differentiates itself in the market with its end-to-end proposition across trading, execution, data and analytics solutions”.

Companies in the capital markets are facing an “increasingly complex operating environment” and traditional revenue streams have become “more challenging,” Microsoft added. Therefore, a technology stack based on cloud and AI technologies is necessary to break down legacy, siled platforms and deliver the best customer experiences, insights and tools. “LSEG has already started solving these problems for their customers, and through this strategic partnership, we will accelerate that transformation,” Microsoft added.

In terms of specifics, LSEG will make extensive use of the Microsoft Enterprise Collaboration Suite. LSEG’s technology infrastructure and data and analytics platform, including the Refinitiv platform, will be migrated to the Microsoft cloud. The companies pledged to build an open financial data platform that will “enable seamless data democratization, collaboration and new monetization opportunities across the financial services ecosystem.” Internal collaboration will take place through a customized LSEG Workspace on the Microsoft Teams product, while enhanced Excel integration is also noted.

London Stock Exchange Group CEO David Schwimmer – no, not that – said: “Combining our leading data sets, analytics and global customer base with Microsoft’s comprehensive and trusted cloud services and global reach, Creates an attractive revenue growth opportunity for both companies.”

Other customer and partner wins Microsoft won in the most recent quarter include informologyhas become one of the first partners in Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem, and our future healthpositioned as the largest health research program ever undertaken in the UK.

You can read more about the deal here.

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