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Mangata Networks to establish space engineering, manufacturing and operations center in Scotland



Satellite cloud services company Mangata Networks has chosen Scotland as the location for its research and development activities as well as satellite manufacturing, space systems and core network operations.

Up to 575 new jobs will be created over the next few years as part of Mangata’s state-of-the-art Satellite Manufacturing and Operations Engineering and Operations Center at Prestwick International Aerospace Park in Ayrshire.

John Swinney, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, said: “The fact that Mangata has chosen to locate its new satellite manufacturing facility in Ayrshire is a huge boost for the region, space and manufacturing, and Scotland as a whole.

“As well as a wealth of highly skilled jobs, this will open new pathways for the satellite manufacturing supply chain, helping Scotland become a leading center for space and manufacturing innovation – while supporting the objectives of our space strategy.”

Brian Holz, CEO of Mangata Networks, said: “Scotland, Ayrshire, the local region and the UK have expressed great confidence in our system and mission. We are very pleased to bring Mangata’s core product development, satellite manufacturing and network operations teams Housed in Prestwick’s state-of-the-art facility.

“We will use this facility to bring our satellite connectivity and intelligent edge computing solutions to enterprises around the world. Today, our customer base has committed to pre-launches in excess of 1.5 Tbps, approaching the full capacity of our initial 32 satellites. With As the business grows, Mangata’s network can expand to over 750 satellites. This facility will be a key enabler, allowing us to scale and deliver cost-effective space technology to markets that really need it.”

The center is supported by an innovative funding and assistance scheme from public sector partners, with funding totaling more than £83.7 million from Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government, the UK Government and South Ayrshire Council. The funding comprises £54.5 million from Scottish Enterprise and £29.2 million from the Ayrshire Growth Deal, which is delivered on commercial terms (ie this is not grant funding) and will be repaid over the next 15 years.

Adrian Gillespie, CEO of Scottish Enterprise, said: “This investment has the potential to be a real game changer, helping to unlock economic opportunity in the global commercial space sector. A powerful endorsement of our ability to support and nurture the global industries of the future. Not only will it bring hundreds of new quality jobs to the people of Scotland, but it will be a catalyst for new supply chains, opening up opportunities and opportunities both at home and abroad. Partnerships.

“We look forward to working closely with Mangata to bring its state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility to fruition at the Prestwick International Aerospace Park.”

Juliette Neu, Chief Experience Officer, Mangata Networks, said: “All the Scottish organizations involved have been very supportive of our efforts to bridge the global connectivity and access gap. Mangata is passionate about connecting people around the world using the systems we will be developing in Scotland. We The same spirit is seen in Scottish Interactions serving local and global communities. They are deeply committed to helping each other. This drive is at the heart of our shared values ​​and mission.”

Mangata’s new facility will produce and test more than 24 medium-sized satellites every three months and will be a key focus and asset for the Scottish and UK space sectors, and a core of technology and innovation. The facility is capable of qualifying, integrating and testing satellites up to 1500 kg for space and launch environments. From this engineering center, the company will establish an operations center to manage its satellite systems and global network.

Most of the new jobs will be high-paying, high-skilled technical engineering positions involved in product development, designing and manufacturing satellites and end-to-end operating systems. Construction will begin in early 2023, with the manufacturing and operations team moving in from late 2024.

Mangata is building a global satellite telecommunications network using sustainable cutting-edge technology. It aims to reach and connect any community, anywhere on the planet, removing barriers and inequalities for the up to 4 billion people who do not have adequate Internet access. It will support the creation of local content and enable global sharing.

Prestwick is already home to Scotland’s largest and most established aerospace cluster and, through the £80 million investment in the Ayrshire Growth Agreement, is now focused on capitalizing on the emerging global commercial space market, becoming Scotland’s leading aerospace hub in the UK.

Martin Dowey, leader of South Ayrshire Council, said: “We are delighted that Mangata have chosen Prestwick and are delighted to welcome them to South Ayrshire. We very much look forward to working with them and See the many benefits they bring to our local communities, starting with providing hundreds of jobs.

“This is really great news as Mangata is exactly the kind of company we want to attract to South Ayrshire. The global satellite market is booming and we aim to be at the center of a vibrant and thriving space sector. This will Create high-value jobs and exciting future careers for our young people, particularly in terms of STEM-related opportunities, but also in wider support roles.

“The council has now approved a major investment plan to provide commercial workspace at Prestwick. This comprehensive and bold approach has convinced companies like Mangata that we can build Prestwick into a global space cluster.

“We already expect to launch the first satellites from Spaceport Prestwick by spring 2024 and, through our ambitious space programme, will become Europe’s premier space center.”

Larry Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer of Mangata Networks, said: “Our Prestwick facility will include a Satellite Operations Center to operate our satellites after launch. Our facility will also have a Network Operations Center to operate our terminal end-to-end global communications network, and an R&D center to develop our smart microEdge data centers. Bringing all these businesses under one roof makes us highly efficient in all aspects of technology development and operating the network. This is for our customers The key to delivering cost-effective state-of-the-art networks, including intelligent edge computing and cloud service solutions.

“We look forward to working with local universities and companies to form partnerships and integrate technology into our network and product solutions. We will develop these capabilities in Scotland and help these partners use our network to expand globally .”

Malcolm Orford, UK Government Secretary for Scotland, said: “The creation of this space manufacturing hub will bring jobs and investment to Ayrshire and put Scotland at the forefront of innovative industries.

“The UK Government is investing £10 million in these cutting-edge facilities as part of our £32 million support for Ayrshire’s space and aerospace programme.”

The technology will be deployed across Scotland, where the network created can be tested with customers and used to incubate Scottish start-ups. These startups will benefit from access to Mangata’s investors and will have the opportunity to showcase their technology and applications, potentially exporting them globally through Mangata’s network.


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