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Dynatrace extends Grail to support business analytics



software intelligence company power tracking has extended its Holy Grail Causal Data Lake House Powering business analytics.

As a result, the Dynatrace platform can instantly capture business data from first-party and third-party applications at scale, without requiring engineering resources or code changes.

It prioritizes business data separately from observability data, and stores, processes, and analyzes this data while retaining the context of the complex cloud environment in which it originated.

Dynatrace designed these enhancements to enable business and IT teams to drive accurate, reliable, cost-effective automation and efficient ad-hoc analysis across a wide range of business processes. Examples include order fulfillment and bill payment, service activation and customer onboarding workflows, and the impact of new digital services on revenue.Today’s announcement builds on Dynatrace’s October 2022 launch of capabilities utilizing Grail Powers Log Analysis and Management. The company hopes to continue extending Grail to support additional development, security, IT and business solutions.

Organizations rely on digital services to drive revenue, customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation. To optimize these services and user experiences, business and IT teams are increasingly relying on insights from a variety of business data, including application usage, conversion rates, and inventory returns. However, traditional business intelligence tools lack the speed, scale, flexibility and granularity needed to deliver insights about services built on complex cloud architectures.In fact, according to a study from Deloitte, two-thirds of organizations are unwilling to access or use data from their business intelligence tools. Business analytics in the modern cloud environment requires a new approach.

Stephen Evans, Technical Lead, Quality, Monitoring, SRE/DevOps PVHsaid: “Dynatrace gives us insight into the impact of application performance on the business and empowers our teams to proactively resolve issues, deliver a better customer experience, and create more value for our organization.

“This enhanced ability to access and store all of our business data provides the scalability our business needs. It also frees our teams from the constraints of sifting through data to determine what is valuable and what should be stored. Dynatrace has The unique ability to analyze all this data and provide precise and contextualized answers in real time allows us to improve our digital environment.”

Bernd Greifeneder, founder and CTO of Dynatrace. said: “To drive digital transformation at scale, organizations need reliable real-time insights from their business data. Existing solutions often rely on stale data and cannot be implemented in IT environments. Provides exact answers and requires manual maintenance and coding by engineers.

“The Grail Causal Data Lake House uniquely positions the Dynatrace platform to overcome these barriers. By prioritizing business data to ensure it arrives with unsampled and lossless precision, even from third-party applications that developers cannot access, “Business and IT teams using the Dynatrace platform can now easily access valuable business insights on-demand. This has the power to unlock virtually limitless business analytics use cases, allowing our customers to answer their most challenging questions instantly with accuracy, clarity and speed.” sexual issues.”



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